Thursday, January 26, 2012

Voxativ 845 mono power amp

Our flagship is the Voxativ 845 mono power amp. This is a complete new development and the base for a series of Voxativ high-end electronic components.

Output tube used in the new monos is the Elrog ER 845 from Dr. Klaus Schaffernicht. Distinctive feature of this tube is a CNC-milled graphite anode - the first major innovation in tube technology since 80 years.

Single Ended technology with high performance and new ideas. And of course: Handmade in Germany.

Please look forward to the matching Voxativ preamp that will have it's first presentation at the Munich highend show in 2012.

Technical Data :

Frequency Response : 20 - 20.000 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio : 100 dB
Distortion : 1 %
Tubes : 1 x Elrog ER 845
Input Sensitivity : 500 mV
Input : 1 x line
Output : 8, 16 Ohms
Power Handling : 18 W
Power Consumption : 300 W
Colour : silver, gold
Dim W x H x D : 30 x 30 x 44 cm
Weight : 30 kg

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