Friday, January 6, 2012

Morel The Sopran loudspeaker

Morel's flagship Fat Lady "helped shape new home audio loudspeakers incorporating many of its acoustic qualities and technology solutions.

We invested great R&D resources to produce our new product range advancing our knowledge and technologies.” says Oren Mordechai, Morel’s executive vice president. "The Sopran was designed to compete with the best at an affordable $12.000 price.

It employs most of the Fat Lady’s technologies and performance attributes in a smaller package with newly introduced solutions, titanium voice-coil formers for improved clarity and efficiency, Lotus grille with multi-sized holes pattern and zero acoustic insertion-loss and in-line ports directly behind each of the three woofers and midrange.

The Octave 6 range is the first in the new Octave generation and consists of one floorstander, one bookshelf and one center speaker."