Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lycan Audio Ulric subwoofer


Christopher Mayer's Ulric subwoofer under the Lycan Audio brand has all the makings to answer the above with a yes.

Check out the specs. 24 x 38 x 34.5" sealed enclosure weighing 712lb/322kg. 18-inch 90lb woofer with anodized aluminum diaphragm, pure stainless steel voice coil, Titanium former, 11" spider, 3.2" peak-to-peak excursion and 7.400w of peak current handling. Anechoic response +/-1dB 17Hz - 150Hz, -3dB @ 14Hz, -10dB @ 9Hz. Max anechoic SPL 121.3dB. 90.1dB sensitivity at 60Hz.

The enclosure starts out as an 850lb slab of 36-sheet Baltic Birch whose internals get routed out into a broken-wall oval to end up with side walls ranging from 4.5 to 10.5 inches thick. The front baffle is massive aluminum. Amplification is via modified ICEpower.

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