Friday, January 6, 2012

B.M.C. Audio The Arcadia

B.M.C. Audio introduces the first model in an anticipated series of three new speakers.

This 3-way uses a bipolar balanced configuration with custom-made drivers and external crossover. The Arcadia features the same driver set on the rear as on the front to dramatically improve the listener impression of depth at the left and right sides of the soundstage. Both front and rear baffles feature two 6.1" Kevlar honeycomb midrange drivers and an air-motion tweeter with a massive motor in conjunction with a light diaphragm. Two 11" Kevlar honeycomb woofers with 6-magnet drives sit at the sides of each cabinet to deliver high air movement.

The cabinets are constructed of an amalgam of several aluminum-oxide based ceramics with multiple grain sizes held together with complex acrylic binders. The external crossover weighs 37.5 lbs and houses custom-crafted large air core inductors, inductance-free polypropylene capacitors and polystyrene bypasses. Metal-film resistor arrays replace the usual MOX or wire resistors for superior precision and sound quality.

Arcadia applies a sealed construction to avoid bass-reflex resonances and significantly improve LF precision. Each cabinet stands 47.2" high by 20.4" deep by 11.2" wide at the base, tapering to a narrow width of 7.7" at the top. Each speaker weights 198lbs excluding the crossover. The cabinet is made from a mold so the color is not applied later but added directly into the mix to be solid all the way through.

The Arcadia is available in a black or white satin or high gloss finish at a suggested price under $39.000/pair.