Monday, December 26, 2011

High Fidelity Cables CT-1 RCA

Pre order introduction sale is now on call for availability and special pricing of $1599.00 USD
Product expected to ship January 2012

CT-1 conductor is supplied directly by Magnetic Innovations for High Fidelity Cables.

The CT-1 developed by Magnetic Innovations is the first conductor to be developed for use with Magnetic Conduction Technology. This unique conductor maintains audio signal integrity and reduces distortion and noise. When combined with High Fidelity Cables Patent Pending RCA connector, the CT-1 becomes fully activated. One feature of this unique connector is an oversized ball pin connection that allows for a better connection to you component.

The cable locks where it matters, on the inner sleeve of the RCA where signal transfer is taking place. The key difference however is signal is maintained by magnetic conduction from the transfer of signal in the connection pin through the entire device.

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