Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FirstWatt SIT 1 mono amplifiers

$10000 pr

Nelson Pass' FirstWatt SIT 1 is nearing completion. This 10-watt mono amp is a single-stage zero-feedback zero-degeneration single transistor affair without any other active parts. It is built around a custom power JFET called a static induction transistor or SIT.
The original ideas to such parts date back to Yamaha's and Sony's vertical JFETs of the 1970s.

Nelson's custom SemiSouth part exploits modern silicon carbide construction. Exhibiting real triode curves, the SET connection intensifies by way of adjustable class A bias to "tweak the transistor's load line to best match the loudspeaker".

The matching S2 stereo amp will sell for $5.000 and will be in production this year.

SIT info