Sunday, December 11, 2011

Boulder 3050 mono power amplifier

Boulder announces the official release of the 3050 mono power amplifier [$195.000]. "The 3050 is the largest and most powerful amplifier in the history of Boulder’s product range, delivering 50% more power than the 2050 monos. Nearly 100% of the circuitry and assembly of the amplifier was refined or redesigned. Noteworthy improvements and features include:

Massive power of 1.500 watts continuous into any load requiring a 240VAC mains feed. Peak output power is 6000 watts. 5 encapsulated and potted toroidal transformers, 48 filter capacitors and 120 bipolar output devices ensure voltage headroom.. Distortion is 0.0006%.

Distinctive modern architecture. Despite their size, the amplifiers’ aesthetics are a dramatic step forward.

Substantially improved noise floor due to improvements in circuit layout

New 99H gain stage, i.e. a new fully discrete surface-mount stage evolved from Boulder’s own 993 utilizing +/-38V rails to raise the dynamic headroom.

Fully balanced phase isolated construction. Outputs are fully balanced and inputs are of instrumentation quality balanced design.

Framed and damped circuit board mounting. Every critical audio circuit board in the new 3050 is framed in a custom machined, aerospace-grade aluminum housing rather than screwed to a plate. Vibration damping material is then sandwiched between the circuit board and the frame to eliminate even the tiniest mechanical resonances.

Custom granite and stainless steel platform. Because of the tremendous weight of each 3050 (380 lbs./172 kg), every unit is shipped with a stable platform of alternating layers of black granite and polished stainless steel that is custom cut to the angles and dimensions of each chassis.