Thursday, December 29, 2011

Black Rhodium Cantata DCT Ultra

1m £3800

1 metre is standard length, maximum length for this cable is 1.5 metres, also available with Oyaide SLSC rca's or Oyaide Focus 1 XLR's. 0.5 metre set available for £2400.

Brand new cable with our advanced DCT Ultra treatment and pure palladium conductor wires

Pure Palladium... Pure Sound... Pure Music... Pure Joy.

Cable hand assembled in England

99.97% pure palladium 0.25mm² solid core wires for signal and return, treated with our advanced DCT Ultra treatment to improve overall clarity, resolution and timing of music

Internal palladium wires are treated with our DCT++ treatment, improving depth, clarity and timing

The complete terminated cable is then treated with a batch of Deep Cryogenic Treatment, in addition to our exclusive Crystal Sound process. This brings further improvements to the DCT++ process, whilst also adds increased power and weight to bass notes, creating a greater sense of realism

High quality PTFE insulation with air gap to minimise dielectric absorption

Silver plated copper braided screen designed to reject RFI resulting in smoother, clearer music with lower background noise

Advanced quality control of the wire direction in the assembly process to ensure consistent superior stereo imaging and low background noise

Special low microphonic conducting layer to prevent microphonic noise improving dynamics

Directional heatshrinks applied to the cable so that the directional benefits are easily achieved and is aesthetically pleasing