Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PS Audio PerfectWave Mark II DAC


Since the introduction of the ground breaking PerfectWave Media DAC and network Bridge, nearly two years ago, the pace of technological innovation from PS Audio’s engineering team hasn’t slowed down one bit.

Introducing the Mark II version of the PWD – a major leap forward in performance and features.  The Mark II comes with a completely redesigned digital input board, software, connecting cables and remote control as well as the addition of a PS Audio Critical Link fuse for the power supply.

New features of the Mark II include 192kHz 24 bit asynchronous USB, NativeX mode, non-saturated logic data path, 11 additional power supplies, lower jitter and a precision balance control for the volume.

Whether you’re using the network Bridge or any of the 7 digital inputs, the new Mark II PWD outperforms the Mark I and any DAC we have ever built over the years.  Sweet, open, analog and musical, the Mark II represents a new class of digital media player.

Owners of the original Mark I PerfectWave DAC will be able to upgrade fully to the Mark II standard by replacing the digital processing board, fuse and software upgrade.  The procedure can be handled by PWD owners at home or available for professional installation through your dealer, distributor or PS Audio directly.

The PWD Mark II has 7 digital inputs that include two I2S over HDMI, an optical TOSLINK, coax S/PDIF, balanced AES/EBU, 192kHz 24 bit USB and the network Bridge.