Friday, November 25, 2011

DaVinci Audio PreAmplifier NIFTY

Clear design, elegant rendition and styled to impress, with a brilliant sound reproduction.

Class A, solid state PreAmplifier NIFTY with an input gain transformer, output transformer potentiometer and an integrated power supply.

This completely unconventional transformer-coupled circuit design, separate us from the mainstream and brings a remarkable high musicality, that you never heard before.

Is really simply to improve your audio chain, add the NIFTY and you will enjoy a new musical dimension.

Design criteria:

1. Carefully selected components
2. Single ended design
3. All class A operating point
4. Own creation of transformer coupled circuit design
5. Output transformer potentiometer
6. Own special handmade transformer, developed in our own factory in Bern
7. Special for DaVinciAudio developed c-cores
8. Internal regulated PowerSupply

4 x RCA

2x RCA

H 240mm / L 190mm / D 400mm