Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dalby Audio Design D7-211SE mono amplifiers

Tri-chassis 20 watt single ended valve mono amplifiers with external driverstage

The D7-211SE monos share the same DNA as the D7-L preamplifier, using a Tri-composite chassis decoupled by x6 D7-CBF supporting feet. Mineral loaded silver and Ohno cast copper wire is used internally with a 48 stepped attenuator for precise balance and volume control.

The highest quality components are used in a hard wired circuit which include capacitors from Duelund, Military PIO's along with rare N.O.S valves. Precision film capacitors have a copper screening system that offers ultimate electrical and mechanical dampening for silent operation within the power supply.

D7-211SE Mono amplifiers DNA

20 Watts of Single ended power
9 carat gold plated exterior
Tri-composite chassis with 30mm solid mahogany base
6 D7-CBF Isolation feet
Mineral loaded silver and mono cast copper wiring
External Driverstage
Kyoku mains transformers & chokes
Supplied with rare NOS valves
Copper screening to PSU capacitors
Over 700 joules of reserve dynamic power