Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thixar Silence Plus

Within the Thixar Silence Plus principles are used beside the floating storage, which you have already got to know with the Thixar Silence, which exhaust the potential of your components fully. Thus you have never heard your devices!

Have you already got on what symbolises the 2nd picture of the homepage? Luckily not! On this occasion, it concerns an absolute novelty which was never applied thus.

What do you think of a filling for a stand which absorbs resonances actively and still adapts itself to the vibrations to be taken up? We use it in the Thixar Silence Plus! All kinds of movements are taken up therefore by the filling and are put out of action what means a maximum in absorption. This leads to an up to now unknown performance of the put up Hifi components.

This unique quality of the Thixar Silence Plus is supported by other materials which raise the mass and the absorbing capacity by different phase crossings further. The efficiency could be increased by straight well-chosen and tested forms, dimensions and densities again clearly. You will be surprised how well your devices sound with it!

The Thixar Silence Plus is available in the following dimensions:

usable area set surface height (without spikes) weight
45*36cm 35*26cm 4,2cm   6,2kg
50*44cm 40*34cm 5,0cm  10,8kg