Friday, October 14, 2011

Synergistic Research Element Series Cables

The Element Series is an offshoot from our cost no object Galileo Research Program that developed the World’s highest performance audio cables. Direct trickle down technologies include the world’s first use of an Active Shielded Air Dielectric and the use of Tungsten as a signal conductor.

-Fast break in time – No more than 100 hrs
-World’s first Actively Shielded Air Dielectric
-Enigma Bullets for a perfect system match
-World’s first use of pure tungsten as a signal conductor
-Element cables blend well with cables from other manufacturers

Element Series interconnects and speaker cables come standard with our exclusive Enigma Bullets for tuning the subjective nature of Active Shielding to better match your system.
This makes blending Element Series cables with other brand cables a snap; as you add Element Series cables to your current cable mix simply try each of the three bullets (Black, Grey or Silver) and select the option that sounds best in your system.

For users who intend to go with a full loom of Element Series cables start with the Grey Bullets first and then change only the source interconnect or speaker cable bullet to Silver when you want more extension or Black when you want more warmth.

In most systems that feature all Element Series cables only a few cables will stray from Grey and the decision as to which bullets to use will be obvious after your cables have had at least one week to settle down and break into your system.

Copper - Tungsten - Copper/Tungsten/Silver
Interconnect 1m $1200 - $2000 - $3600
Speaker Cable 8ft $1700 - $2800 - $7500