Friday, October 7, 2011

Stahl~Tek OPUS D/A


The Opus Series brings the already high resolution analog-like performance of the Vekian DAC and CDT to a new level of refinement, such as experienced in a limited reserved red wine. Just as the complexities in flavor of the grapes are refined to be more distinguished and more defined in a reserved red wine, the richness, complexity, and fluidity in sonic presentation have been refined to a new level of musical appreciation and enjoyment. Just as that first swirl of wine in one’s mouth continues to develop and evolve, so does the musical experience continue to allure and involve the listener in the developing presentation by the Opus DAC and CDT.


Extensive multistage screening and individual hand-testing process within the Stahl~Tek Laboratory facilities to yield exceptional part tolerances and part matching not typically available to general industries Audible sonic evaluation utilizing custom in-house testing stations also typically not performed in general industry.

A newly revised and enhanced power supply regulation circuitry that improves voltage and current output stability from thermal noise variations and increases noise rejection ten times in performances over previous designs.

A newly redesigned digital-to-analog converter section and a redesigned analog filter section that provides a more life-like texture and tonal characteristic in musical reproduction in instruments and voices. Instruments are more continuous and balanced in tone from the lowest frequencies all the way to the highest frequencies.

Constrained-Layer Damping Isolation Foot System (CLDIFS): To distinguish excellence, the external styling and cosmetics for both the Opus DAC and CDT have been improved upon with the availability of a durable but elegant high-end automotive type paint finish. Color selections will now be available with more choices and with an appearance of refinement away from the industry look of the previous anodized metal styling.

Technical Specifications

The Opus – D/A offers an I2S via HDMI, SPDIF (RCA and BNC), and AES/EBU (XLR) digital inputs. The unit also has a high-end USB computer interface to allow user to hook into their Hard-Drive Based and On-Line Music Libraries (compatible with most Windows/MAC PCs).

The Opus – D/A offers both single-ended and true balanced outputs. When utilizing the single-ended outputs, the unit has a manual gain adjustment to compensate for the 6 dB difference between true balanced and single-ended.

Digital Inputs:
SPDIF 75O ± 1% on RCA
BNC 75O ± 1% on BNC
AES/EBU 110O ± 1% on XLR

Sampling Input Frequencies:32KHz - 192KHz

Quantization: 24 Bit Resolution

Frequency Response 0Hz-100Hz ± 0.02dB
Signal to Noise Ratio >127dB
Dynamic Range >127dB
THD <0.005%

Analog Outputs:

Output Level

True Balanced XLR Outputs:
3.25Vrms or + 12.45 dBu at 0 dBFS (Low Gain Setting)
6.5Vrms or 18.47 dBu at 0 dBFS (High Gain Setting)

Single-Ended RCA  Outputs:
1.63Vrms or + 6.43dBu at 0 dBFS (Low Gain Setting
3.25Vrms or + 12.45 dBu at 0 dBFS (High Gain Setting)

Output Impedance 43 ohm

Size 18.2” W, 7.5” H, 15.2” D
Weight 54 LBS
AC Supply Voltage 100/120/240 V