Friday, October 7, 2011

Stahl~Tek OPUS CDT


The Opus CDT is a beautiful evolution of the transport! Similarly in the development of a limited reserved red wine, where the grapes are chosen from special plots, are handpicked instead of machine harvest, and are aged at longer periods of time in specially selected oak barrels, Stahl~Tek engineers spent countless hours of advanced testing to gain exceptional part tolerances and part matching.

In addition and as a result of the countless hours in individual component evaluation, it has been found even with the tightest parts tolerance obtained that variation in part performance can still exist effecting overall performances including ultra-quite noise performance and sonic tonal balance. Therefore, in the production of the Opus Series products, components that are critical to sonic performance , the electronic part screening and matching process also includes audible sonic evaluation utilizing custom in-house testing stations.


The Opus CDT features a newly revised master clock circuitry and a newly revised internal I2S digital link section. This circuitry improves upon the stability of the individual clock and digital data information transfer from the optical mechanism to the final output buffer circuitry, thus improving upon in sonic detail and accuracy over previous designs.

A newly revised and enhanced power supply regulation circuitry that improves voltage and current output stability from thermal noise variations and increases noise rejection ten times in performances over previous designs.

The Transport Unit uses 2 types of vibration and shock control systems. These systems include constraint layer dampening for vibration and specially shaped energy absorbing mounts for shock. This includes the equipment foot plate system that is specially designed to transfer energy more efficiently.

To distinguish excellence, external styling and cosmetics for the Opus CDT and Opus CDT Remote have been improved upon with the availability of a durable but elegant high-end automotive type paint finish.

Technical Specifications

The output includes I2S Output via the HDMI connector, the Balanced mode AES/EBU, and the SPDIF via the RCA and BNC connectors. The Transport has 2 times and 4 times up-sampling capability on the I2S output.