Saturday, October 29, 2011

Music First Baby Reference Preamplifier


The Music First Audio Reference Preamplifier is designed to sit at the centre of a high end hi fi system. Connected between source components and power amplifiers it controls level and source selection.

It is housed in a custom designed aluminium case measuring 88mm x 250mm x 260mm (H x W x D)

The core component of the Baby Reference Preamplifier is the TX102-mkIV 'Nickel Brick' attenuation transformer. This hand crafted transformer is a complete revision of the original and highly acclaimed TX102. The transformers are a labyrinth of layers of winding wire and paper, resulting in a construction so complex it pushes towards the limits of manufacturing possibilities. As with the Classic Preamplifier, it features twenty three separate 'taps' for a total of twenty four (including mute) discreet volume steps.

In addition to the revised winding structure, The new TX102-mkIV Nickel Brick has a 25% larger 'core'. The increased core size means improved level handling and better low frequency response and extension.

For more information about Transformer Volume Control (TVC) please see the TECHNICAL section of our website.

Like all Music First Audio products, each unit is made by hand at our workshop on the south coast of the UK.

Features "Nickel Brick" (TX102-mkIV) transformer featuring refined winding geometry, a new 25% bigger core and improved shielding characteristics resulting in unparalleled sonic performance

24 position level control from - 60dB to 0 dB (custom steps available)

Four unbalanced inputs on 'CMC' gold plated, high quality RCA connectors.

Two balanced inputs on Neutrik gold plated nickel XLR sockets

Dual main outputs on either Neutrik gold plated nickel XLR sockets or 'CMC' gold plated RCA connectors, or a combination of both

Two rear panel mounted output ground selector switchs (one per output) offer a range of grounding options.

88mm x 250mm x 260mm (H x W x D)

Hand built in the UK