Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MIT Unveils All New High Definition Speaker Interfaces

MIT Cables, the Rocklin, CA based technology company known for its unique "networked" speaker cables and interconnects announced today the release of five new reference cables on the heels of the release of two new reference speaker cables just two weeks ago. Each of these products takes advantage of Bruce Brisson's advanced Fractional Articulation Technology:

* The Oracle MA-X SHD Rev. 2 Speaker Interface
* The Oracle Matrix SHD 120 Speaker Interface
* The Oracle Matrix HD 90 Rev. 1 Speaker Interface
* The Matrix HD 60 Speaker Interface
* The Matrix HD 28 Speaker Interface

What is F.A.T.?

Fractional Articulation Technology enables these interfaces to retrieve additional information that resides within each octave of the musical signal. The result: improved timbre, texture and unparalleled detail, while preserving all of the delicate spatial information associated with 2C3D playback. Smooth and liquid from top to bottom, F.A.T. precisely extracts information lost by "just cables," rendering incredible detail and solid image placement with more lifelike transients than ever thought possible.

New High Definition cables