Monday, October 10, 2011

Linn Klimax DSM + Akurate DSM

Linn is about to introduce two new products: the Klimax DSM and the Akurate DSM. The early conjecture was that the "M" might stand for Movie and be multi-channel streamers but it is pretty obvious now that this isn't the case. It seems most likely that the "M" stands for Multi-input or Multimedia.

Although things are still pretty sketchy, and Linn are keeping mum about things at this point, what seems pretty certain is that Linn will introduce the Klimax DSM for shipment in October and that this will be basically a Klimax DS with preamp capabilities and multiple inputs. The back panel has both single-ended and balanced ouptuts but also an HDMI output! (Although I suspect this is only a pass through for video signals.) But it is the inputs where things get really interesting as it features one set of analog inputs on XLRs, the standard Ethernet input, two each of coaxial and optical digital inputs and three HDMI inputs! In addition it is rumored to support Apple's AirPaly for wireless streaming from iPods, iPads, iPhones, etc. although this hasn't been confirmed yet.

In addition to the KDSM there will also be an Akurate DSM to ship in November. This unit should feature the same complement of digital inputs - coaxial, optical and HDMI - but may also have more than one analog input (there is more room on the back panel) and is even rumored to include the MM/MC phono stage from the Akurate Kontrol.

The pricing on the ADSM is rumored to be $9500. If it really gives the performance of an ADS and an AK combined and adds all that functionality I think that the price is right in line with the capabilities. Price of the KDSM somewhere in the $25,000 to $29,000 price range.

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