Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jewelsound loudspeakers

Jewelsound is a new brand of loudspeakers designed and manufactured in a French family workshop in the best tradition of luxury.

Note that to maintain an exceptionally high level of quality, annual production is intentionally limited. Jewelsound favors direct contact with customers, and distributes its products via its website Jewelsound.

One of the key points of this designer is the ability to offer a product fully customizable: you choose the finish of your speakers in four collections and an impressive chart.

Embedded technology in pregnant Jewelsound is the result of a collaboration with renowned acoustics that for now in secrecy. Both models are equipped with components designed specifically for Jewelsound specifications, including capacitors and wiring particularly exotic and powerful. There speakers with very specific membrane "velvet" tweeters and a diameter of 35 mm unusual.

Two beautiful columns are filiform in the catalog. The first measure 200 x 1380 x 300 mm, and the second 250 x 1555 x 350 mm. These are two lanes with a high yield. Prices start at 9000 euros for a pair.