Saturday, October 8, 2011

Göbel Epoque Fine loudspeakers

A free flowing, objective shaping and the use of a variety of high-grade materials constitute a timeless design that matches the high-end acoustics of the new standing loudspeaker Epoque Fine.

Like with every Göbel High End loudspeaker, the heart of the Epoque Fine remains the wide-range Göbel bending-wave loudspeaker, with its nine-layered wooden membrane and precise, laser-cut incisions. In order to achieve an almost homogeneous stimulation of the room modes within the low frequency range, the Epoque Fine is furnished with six, custom-built 6.5 inch long-throw subwoofer-chassis in an impulse-compensating set-up.

All of the emitting sound devices on the frontside focus exactly the listening position and provide an utmost precise hearing impression. Due to the particular array of the rearside emitting low-frequency devices, a smooth transition of the bending wave loudspeakers broad frequency range to the low frequencies of the subwoofers is guaranteed.

Bending wave loudspeaker with impulse-compensating passive radiator

Patented Göbel® bending wave driver, 2 aluminum longthrow chassis (18 cm), 4 aluminum passive radiators (18 cm)

Acoustically optimised composite board, massive accoustic baffles (15 mm aluminum), top element made of massive aluminum

Brilliant white and aluminum parts anodised in natural semi gloss or brilliant black and aluminum parts anodised in black semi gloss

100 kg

Base: 36 (W) x 40 (D) cm
Total height: 123 (H) cm

8 Ohm

85 dB / 1 W / 1 m

Frequency response:
28 - 31.000 Hz

Dispersion range:
180° frontside: 28 - 31.000 Hz
Rearside: 28 - 4.000 Hz

Göbel Highend