Friday, October 7, 2011

GamuT The Wormhole Signature cables

2x1m €2250 +1m €550

2x3m Single Wire €3560
2x3m Bi-Wire €5300

The GamuT WormHole Signature Cables

Based on the GamuT WormHole Cables we designed a cable that further minimizes the effects of unwanted stored energy in the isolation materials, and allows to be used as balanced inter connects.

By examining the electrical and physical design possibilities we found a way to further enhance the WormHole effect.

Adding a third layer including both carbon fibers and thin copper wires we have made it possible to optimize the electrical properties and improve the drain of stored energy back to “zero” and at the same time have a ground signal conductor / shielding to allow for use as a balanced inter connect.

The final black outer cover is chosen for its non resonant mechanical properties and its ability to shield the inner wiring from outer influences.

The GamuT stainless steel logo finishes off the design to make the Signature cables and inter connects clearly identifiable.

WormHole Signature Interconnect
In 0,5 1 and 1,5 meter.

WormHole Signature Speaker Cables
WormHole Signature Bi-Wire Speaker Cables
In 2, 3 and 4 meter.

Additional lenghts on request.