Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EnKlein cables

A few Engineers and Musicians were frustrated of the trial and error system and general lack of knowledge in cabling for pro audio equipment. Our team entered into an endeavor to resolve recording and playback issues. Several years have passed and we are pleased to introduce our solution to the audiophile world.

EnKlein has a different approach to cables, we don’t alter the signal with complex windings or bias the dielectric material, instead, we believe in protecting the signal from itself and the environment.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to cable the Sutherland Engineering, Merrill-Williams and Ortofon products at RMAF 2011 Room 445.

Zephyr High Resolution AudioZephyr High Resolution Audio

Zephyr is our Flagship high purity silver interconnect, representing the pinnacle of design, and more importantly, musical enjoyment.

The construction is a uniform air dielectric with large distances between the parallel signal wires and a proprietary shield network. The shield network is designed to optimize signal preservation and transmission.

Each termination is made from premium materials. RCA use 24 carat Gold plating over a copper alloy. XLR's use billet brass with Gold and Rhodium over Silver plating’s.

The cables are made from solid premium grade silver conductors, large air tubes and our proprietary shield. Zephyr is the most detailed cable we produce, paradoxically, also the smoothest sounding. This seemingly impossible pairing of attributes can be explained by our design.

Prairie Fire Performance Audio

Prairie Fire is our premium copper interconnect cable, using premium type 1 oxygen free, long grain conductors. Prairie Fire borrows much of its' technology from our flagship model, Zephyr. Prairie Fire is comprised of the same termination as the Zephyr, large air tubes and our proprietary shield. Prairie Fire is an incredibly high-resolution copper cable with an amazingly low noise-floor and deep, authoritative bass. Prairie Fire redefines what is possible from copper interconnect.

Titan Speaker Cables

Titan is our new hybrid silver and copper conductor speaker cable. The phases are individually grouped by frequency and shielded. This layered approach isolates each conductor group from one another, decreasing interaction. Additionally, the individual layer shielding is electrically coupled to form a large ground plane. This produces a low impedance low noise speaker cable with uncompromised fidelity and clarity.

Power Cords

All EnKlein power cords utilize the shielding technique borrowed from the Aura. The shield network reduces the high frequency noise from house hold appliances and other power supplies. Removing unwanted signals from the power cable reduces the work load of the equipment power supply.

“Big Tom” power cord sets are produced from premium cryogenically treated Audio grade connectors and premium cord.

“Jake” power cord sets are produced from cryogenically treated connectors and premium cord.


Our external shielding method utilizes a proprietary network, not in the audio path, to minimize the effects of external noise from power cords, appliances and other noise sources. The interaction between the audio conductors themselves is minimized by the flat geometry of the cable assembly. The Zephyr produces a top to bottom balance of power, extremely low noise floor, preserved dynamic range, retention of micro-dynamics, texture, and depth of sound stage.


Zephyr $2895 1 meter pair
Prairie Fire $1795 1 meter pair
Titan Speaker Cable $3976 6 ft pair
Big Tom Power Cord $951 4 ft
Jake Power Cord $546 ft