Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Digital Amplifier Company Cherry Mono Ultra

$9000 pr

Cherry Mono Ultra - 1800W transformer, All Gold WBT binding posts, double power supply capacitance.

The Cherry Monos have even better performance than a comparable stereo unit when driven only out of one channel. Aside from the usual benefit of running monoblocks, such as near perfect channel separation, you also get lower distortion, even lower noise, and higher power (with the PLUS and ULTRA versions).

Super Low Noise — 118dB SNR
<0.041 Ohm Output Impedance (1KHz)
Super Low Distortion — <0.003% THD+N (1KHz), <0.006% IMD @ 10W
1Hz to 60KHz Frequency Response
"Deep Knee" THD curve — <0.008% THD+N at 1/2 power
Remote Standby Control (via 2.5mm DC jack)
Wideband Purity — <0.008% THD+N (20Hz to 20KHz) @ 10W
Bullet-Proof Protection — Thermal, Current, Auto-Recovery, etc.
High Power --- 420W into 8 ohms, 770W into 4 ohms
17.25" x 4.50" x 13.50"
1800W Toroid Transformer
40 lbs.
27.4dB Gain