Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clarus Audiophile Collection

Gordon J. Gow Technologies, Inc is proud to introduce the Clarus Audiophile Collection a new family of high-end audio, video, digital, speaker and power cables designed for discriminating audiophiles.

Developed by celebrated cable designer Jay Victor.

Jay Wictor was previously in charge of new product development at Monster Cable. He was instrumental in Monster Cable's entry into the AC surge suppressor/line conditioner market, and personally participated and managed the designs of most of these products. If you're an audiophile, chances are that you're already using a cable or another audio/video component that Jay designed.

Other companies he's designed for are Audioquest, XLO, PS Audio, Tributaries, Ethereal, Belkin, Pangea (Audio Advisor), Fender, Vox, Core One, Phoenix Gold and Mitek. He is the holder of approximately 40 patents for cable geometry and connector design.

The Clarus Collection features:

Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Casting (PCOCC) the purest copper in the world
Individually insulated cable strands
Precision impedances
CNC-machined gold-plate connectors
Extraordinary fit and finish

Clarus digital and analog audio Interconnects, speaker, and power cabling are designed with three distinctly different conductor types:

Solid heavy-gauge conductors
Flat conductors
Spiral-ribbon conductors (with a non-conductive core)

By designing audio and digital cables with multiple strand sizes and shapes, Clarus Cables dramatically improves clarity, resulting in more open and transparent sound.

“The new Clarus brand of products present a 2-channel dealer with the opportunity to demonstrate and sell cables that no other high-end brand on the market can match,” said Joe Perfito, President of Tributaries. “Their revolutionary design and superior sound quality reproduction make them the ideal choice for the audiophile who demands nothing less than the ultimate listening experience.”

Clarus Cable