Tuesday, October 25, 2011



An exceptional speakers from Japan, ARACRAFT Tedius AL 100ND, developed by Tsuneharu Arai. Mr. Arai was more than 30 years as a developer and designer for JBL and Sansui.
The Tedius speaker system is his first product, of which he says that this an excellently coordinated "big speakers" sound, without the disadvantages of a large membrane or a bulky housing. Well, if you look at the AL Tedius 100ND, one may give his testimony little faith, you can hear this speaker system, however, feel the music. A true gem.

This product is probably not only in terms of the interaction with Wadia, but also in conjunction with various high-quality transistor and tube amplifiers able to describe as extraordinary.

12 mm thick aluminum chassis milled from a block, front - and back plate screwed
2 - way bass reflex
115 mm aluminum-magnesium drivers with neodymium magnet drive (own development)
19 mm aluminum-magnesium as a horn compression driver with neodymium magnet drive (own development)
Impedance: 4 ohms
Maximum power: 70 watts
Frequency Response: 60Hz to 40KHz
Crossover range: 5.5 KHz
Efficiency: > 85 dB
Weight: 7.4 Kg
Dimensions: approximately B (148 mm) H (206mm) D (225mm)