Friday, September 9, 2011

Sound Carrier KT88 Constructor's Supremacy

After 30 years of experience making state-of-the-art transformers, tube and solid-state electronics", Croatian manufacturer Sound Carrier presents their new Constructor's Supremacy KT88 200-watt push/pull ultralinear mono amps.
They usher in a new 'Constructor Series' and promise "a new level of sound quality due to new technical and acoustical concepts of extremely low-noise power supplies. Sound Carrier transformers are an example of filigree accuracy for wide and linear frequency response and low phase shift.
The output transformer is wound with 25 galvanically separated sections, some of which are wound clockwise, some anti-clockwise and some bifilar to be extremely complex.
The power supply is exceptionally quiet and 5000µF capacitance assures wide bandwidth.
Connectors are Cardas Rhodium, internal wiring is Audionote and weight is 26kg/ea. 
Tubes per amp are 4 x KT88, 1 x ECC82 and 1 x ECC 83.

Sound Carrier