Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rethm Trishna

Trishna - Rethm's smallest model in the company's new line employing custom-designed widebanders exclusive to them combines a 95dB 5-inch main driver with 2 x 91dB 80-watt self-powered 6.5" woofers in a sealed isobaric 10.3-liter enclosure. With rear-horn loading the system sensitivity as seen by the main amp is given as 97dB with a frequency response of 32Hz to 30kHz. Dimensions are 1m x 37cm x 17cm, weight is 19kg/ea.

The bigger Maarga grows its horn labyrinth to 2m length and the widebander to 6 inches diameter whilst the same woofers now occupy a 14.75-liter sealed enclosure. Bass power increases to 110 watts, efficiency remains the same but the F3 drops to 26Hz.

The twin-chassis Saadhana tops out the range with a 7" widebander that's mated to three isobarically loaded woofers in an 18.4-liter chamber powered from 210-watt FET amps. Sensitivity increases to 102dB and claimed bandwidth spans a colossal 18Hz to 20kHz.

Also new from the firm are two integrated amplifiers, one pure tube, the other a hybrid both of which share single-ended zero feedback concepts with transformer-based drivers and output transformers.