Friday, September 23, 2011

Raven Design Studio Menhir


The Raven Menhir is a very unique design. Most large speakers can be very dynamic, but the Menhir is also very delicate, intimate and precise.

The Raven R3.2MMX ribbon covers all midrange and treble above 800 Hz. This is the most critical range for imaging and intelligibility. Covering this entire frequency range with a single ribbon is important to a coherent presentation. The special MMX ribbon material is 6 times stronger than common aluminum so it is very robust and can play much louder without distortion.

Bass is produced by six 10 inch woofers that move a lot of air effortlessly with minimal distortion. For maximum dynamic speed the woofers exhibit exceptionally low mass and low inductance. The cones are made of a light weight cellulose coated on both sides with curvilinear profile.

To extract the best performance from the woofers we developed a new type of cabinet design. The woofer cabinet is a transmission line with progressive damping and exponential taper. It is a virtual acoustic black hole without resonance modes and no reflections. The proportions and damping design are considerably different from a conventional transmission line. The performance benefit is greater clarity, speed and detail. Resonance is so well controlled that the impedance is nearly flat making it a very easy load for a SET tube amplifier.

Like our award winning Ebb, the Menhir has a cardioid radiation pattern in the bass. A cardioid radiation pattern reduces room bass resonance and makes speaker placement much easier.

To optimize performance and get the best possible room acoustic integration we include a DEQX digital processor.