Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Purity Audio Design One-i

The Purity One-i utilizes the Class "A" balanced linestage circuit that started it all which is now coupled to a 250 watt Class D amplifier stage via internal transformer coupling between stages. The Purity One-i utilizes a relay based source selection allowing for full transformer coupling of all inputs. Both single ended and balanced.

Unique topology and application of the most advanced technological resources and processes bring the Purity One-i to a threshold of excellence in sound reproduction.  Like the Purity Reference, the Purity One-i utilizes a dual chamber design within a single chassis. Extraordinary transparency of perceived sound which in turn assures the recreation of a three dimensional soundstage.

The front panel is equipped with a LED display screen indicating the volume level, balance control and mute functions.  Manual volume control is handled by a high quality encoder for a step-less advancement of volume in 1dB increments. A high quality relay based source selector is equipped with LED indicators to let you know what source is currently in use with the soft glow of orange LEDs.

Shown in the picture at right is the Purity One with the LED display readout turned off. All controls are still functional with the display off and come on temporarily to let you know what changes are being made via the remote.

 The high quality remote handles all functions as well as providing the ability to turn the front LED display off.

Both the preamplifier, amplifier and remote system are equipped with their own dedicated power supply providing a dead quiet background and low noise floor. The Purity One-i is essentially a separate preamp and amplifier in a single chassis easily competing with $10k-$15k separates.

The One-i is equipped with 3 sets single ended and 1 balanced input as well as a unique Passive Home Theater Bypass input that allows your processor to control the volume of the One's high power amplifier section bypassing the internal preamp circuitry. All inputs benefit from transformer coupling,

The One-i is also equipped with a preamp output and main amplifier input that can be used in conjunction with the built in power stage to run an additional amplifier for biamping or a powered subwoofer. You can also use the preamp output on it's own without using the One's amplifier. When this option is chosen, the One-i will allow you to put the amplifier section into stand-by mode. However the main function of the pre out/main in feature was designed to be used with our Purity "Harmony" Class A Tube Buffer Stage. When using the Harmony in this system, it is installed between the Purity linestage circuit and the output stage bringing the performance of the Purity One-i to a level yet to be experienced by any integrated amplifier on the market.

The power supply is the heart of any audio product and our innovative design is what allows the One to provide exceptional dynamic control as well as a black background. The One-i has Three independent power supplies. One for the preamp stage, and the amplifier having it's own power supply utilizing a high current toroidal transformer. The third power supply is dedicated to the remote system.

The One-i is built into the same high quality acrylic chassis as all other Purity Audio Design products.

The power section is equipped with all the necessary protection circuits including over temperature protection, Over/Under voltage and current protection as well as MOSFET DC protection.

 Internally mounted LED's indicated any protection circuits being engaged.

Main Features

0 dB negative feedback preamp stage

Pure tube preamp design (no transistors)

shortest possible signal paths

Audiophile grade passive components used in all applications

Teflon tube sockets

Central one-point earth grounding

Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship

Remote LED volume, balance, mute and display off

Quality encoder manual volume control

100% point to point wired - NO PCB

Special ROHS silver solder used for the best electrical connection

2 12AU7 tubes for stereo line-amplification ( tube life > 10000 hrs )

DC filament supply for signal tubes

Balanced output transformers (Custom made for Purity Audio Design)

Balanced input transformers

Full transformer coupling between preamp and amplifier stages

Premium internal signal cable

The beautifully crafted 100% acrylic enclosure for maximum anti-vibration resonance

Twin chamber design effectively fights against RFI and EMI by separating the power supply from critical analog components

250 watts per channel - 4 Ω

125 watts per channel - 8 Ω

Delay turn-on amplifier stage

Three Independent power supplies

True Class A vacuum tube preamp stage

Preamp output

Main (amp) input

Home Theater Input

Clarity Cap signal path capacitors

High quality Cardas silver input jacks

Neutrik/Swiss - XLR chassis connectors

All front & rear panel descriptions are laser engraved

Chassis finish: Black

Made in USA

Three years parts and labor warranty. 90 days on supplied tubes

Price $6,995