Friday, September 23, 2011

MR Labs VERA phono preamplifier

MR Labs is proud to announce its revolutionary new phono preamplifier for today’s high performance MC cartridges, featuring a fully balanced floating current input stage connecting directly to the tonearm wire of the turntable to preserve the integrity of the cartridge output signal.

As yet, it is available for use with the following VPI turntables:

VERA 10R for use with Scout, Scout II, Scoutmaster, Classic

VERA 10F for use with Super Scoutmaster, Aries, HR-X

In addition, we also offer the VERA 10X which can be used with any turntable having a tone arm cable terminated with balanced XLR connectors.

The VERA Preamp and Power Supply are lovingly crafted by hand and individually calibrated. Thereafter, each preamp and power supply is burnt-in for 48 hrs., the specification measured and re-adjusted if required. Understandably, this is a pretty time-consuming process, with the result that we cannot guarantee that it always can be shipped from stock, since our production capacity is limited. Our policy is to sell only a small amount of units, but each unit being as close to perfection as possible.

Retail Price List

VERA 10R $ 1’590.00
VERA 10F $ 1’590.00
VERA 10X $ 1’490.00

VERA SS VERA High Performance Power Supply $ 890.00

“N” for normal gain input stage module (recommended for most cartridges)
“H” for high gain input stage module (ask for recommendation)
“L” for low gain input stage module (ask for recommendation)