Thursday, September 15, 2011

Berkeley Audio Designs Alpha DAC Series 2

Following on the heels of the successful Alpha DAC Series 1, Berkeley Audio Designs has announced a new Series 2 Alpha DAC.

The Alpha DAC Series 2 builds on the strengths of the previous Series 1 using new clocking and isolation technology resulting from research done while engineering the new Berkeley USB interface.

The appearance, controls and operating functionality of the Alpha series 2 is identical to the Alpha DAC 1 except for the addition of a Series 2 label on the rear panel.

From a performance perspective, according to Michael Ritter of Berkeley Audio Designs, the new Alpha DAC Series 2 has greater imaging precision, timbral purity, and resolution as compared to the Series 1.

The pricing on the new Berkeley Audio Designs Alpha 2 DAC is $4995 for either Silver or Black finishes. The price of the now discontinued Berkeley Audio Designs Series 1 was $4995 for Silver and $5100 for Black. Because Berkeley was able to negotiate a larger purchase price discount for Black, the two options are now unified in pricing.

Note that the Berkeley Alpha USB interface, priced at $1695, is available only in black.

Shipments of the new Series are slated for one to two weeks from now.
Alpha DAC Series 1 units manufactured after June 2011 may be upgraded for $350.