Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tidal Prisma preamplifer and Impulse amplifier

The all new TIDAL Prisma. It closes the gap between our classic, the TIDAL Preos, and our flagship, the mighty TIDAL Presencio. The intention was "How can we offer the perfomance of our extremely expensive Presencio for a much more affordable entry ticket?". So we redesigned the Powerdeck and the Linedeck of the flagship and designed it all for one cabinet as an internal dual stack design. Needless to say we are more than happy with the result and achieved our goal.

Fully balanced minimal path topology dual mono pre amplifier with fully regulated power supply
Internal dual stack design
Only 1 high precision resistor in signalpath for level adjustment, controlled by an electronically and mechanically isolated motordriven potentiometer and 256 relay, remote control for volume and intelligent soft mute
Can be configurated as 1:1 direct mode for an external surround processor or as classical high level input

And one more: the all new TIDAL Impulse stereo power amplifier. It is the replacement of our TIDAL Impact stereo, an amplifier everything is said about since we launched it in 2003. The new TIDAL Impulse is using our exclusive technolgy of the Impact Monobloc's with its fully regulated power supplies.

These are the new features: the TIDAL Impulse has now also the intelligent power on/off remote function for our pre amps. And the option to choose the original LPX as a fully autark mono-module inside for active bass-amping.
Unfortunatelly all this needs more space inside, so the amp grew about 2" in height and more then 20 lbs. in sheer weight. But in return we increased the output power of fifty percent as well.

Price - €25000 each