Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Silvercore Preamp 324

The Silvercore pre 324 is their top TVC pre amplifier. Like the simpler Preamp one it is entirely silver wired throughout, including the transformers themselves, with 99.99% pure silver. The 324 features larger transformers and a greater number of steps allowing fine control of the volume in 2dB steps over 24 volume positions. It features 3 inputs (they can be either Balanced XLR, single ended phono or a combination of both) and XLR or single ended phono outputs.
The frame of the enclosure  is made from a choice of either Delrin (as used on the Preamp one) or Zebrano wood (as shown here), with top, bottom and rear panels being made of laser cut polished stainless steel.

Silvercore Preamp 324 in Delrin: £3,800
Silvercore Preamp 324 in Zebrano wood: £4,030