Thursday, August 18, 2011

SGR Audio IL4F Loudspeakers

Price - AUD $128,000

Big toys for big boys! The Illuminator is SGR's cost and size no object flagship loudspeaker, capable of frightening dynamics yet still able to replicate the delicate and articulate sound of intimate passages. 

From 60Hz to 40Khz, we've used the impressive flagship Illuminator range of drivers from ScanSpeak. These are then augmented down low by our own SGR ultra-low distortion 12" woofers built with a Linear Symmetrical Gap (LSG) motor structure. 

To dramatically reduce box vibration, a self-cancelling mounting structure has been implemented with the front woofers internally attached to the rear woofers. That's four 12" woofers per speaker, eight per system. Each of the 12" woofers are capable of 40mm linear movement! Yes, as far as bass goes, we went for broke on this one. 

Standing an impressive 2m tall, the vertically reflected 4-way design is composed of 5 mechanically isolated modular enclosures which are individually shipped and assembled on site. The chamfered baffle edges provide rock solid imaging and the expansive three dimensional soundstage you would expect from a speaker of this stature.

Designed & manufactured in Australia.

SGR Audio