Thursday, August 4, 2011

German Physiks Unlimited MkII speaker

German Physiks - The new Unlimited MkII speaker [€9,999/pair] "introduces a new lower price point without compromises on sound quality. It uses the same carbon-fiber DDD driver as our €200.000 Gaudi model. The proprietary DDD wide-band transducer uses pistonic, bending wave and modal radiation.  In the Unlimited MkII it covers 200Hz to 24kHz to avoid a crossover in the midrange. This yields a major improvement in clarity. The DDD driver also has very low moving mass so transient response is excellent.  In addition it is phase linear across its operating range giving high timbral accuracy. A further advantage is omnidirectional radiation to produce well-focused stereo images that can be enjoyed from a wide range of positions in the listening room. This contrasts with the small sweet spot many conventional speaker designs produce. The bass is handled by a downward firing 8-inch woofer located in the base of the cabinet.  The Unlimited MkII is finished in high-quality acoustic vinyl to provide significant additional damping to a cabinet that is inherently well damped due to rigid construction and extensive use of Hawaphon® damping material. The Unlimited Mk II is available in black, gray, dark brown and white."