Friday, August 5, 2011

Genesis Advanced Technologies 7.2-series

Genesis Advanced Technologies announces three new and improved models in their 7.2-series. "I am an advocate for the right speaker for the right room," says Mr. Koh. "In a small room, a large loudspeaker would over-power to result in boomy bass and loss of articulation. The Genesis 7-series are designed without compromise for rooms too small for one of our larger models. The more expensive Genesis speakers are not necessarily better, just larger. We don't use cheaper drivers or cheaper crossover parts or take manufacturing shortcuts with the 7-series loudspeakers. We just make them smaller." 

"We stuck with three models to achieve the price points we wanted to hit," said Carolyn Koh, Chief Operating Officer of Genesis. "While they are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, they will deliver live musical enjoyment in a small room. With the ribbon tweeter and titanium mid/woofer, the Genesis 7-series plays delicately with full detail retrieval at low volumes perfect for close quarters living. The G7f is ideal for the apartment dweller not willing to compromise on low-bass and dynamics. The G7p and G7c can be easily integrated with one of our ServoSubs for full-range sound when budgets permit."

The Genesis 7.2petite (G7p) retails for $2,950, the 7.2convertible (G7c) for $3,950 the Genesis 7.2floorstander (G7f) with built-in amplified subwoofer for $8,950.