Sunday, July 31, 2011

Black Ravioli Big Foot

The Big Foot range has now been fully upgraded to second generation specification as it takes account of the separation improvements that we have made in the Big Pad. It should be noted that with these improvements incorporated the Big Foot range is now handed and should always be installed with the Black Ravioli logo the correct way up to ensure the pads are in the right orientation.

The Big Pads are once again pre loaded for better efficiency and have nominally 2.5mm of additional compression available to allow for settling of the equipment. The additional settling range makes them most suitable for use where the weight distribution of a piece of equipment is biased. For this reason, the two and three pads options are very successful with large power amplifiers of both valve and solid state orientation.

Single - £110
Double - £190
Triple - £270

Black Ravioli