Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Siltech The Wall Open Baffle Speaker

The baffle is 2 cm thick and is made of aluminium.
It's cut from a solid block, because so thick aluminium can't be bend.

2 - 16" Audio Technology woofers
4 - 4" Custom made Scan Speak midranges
4 - Custom made Scan Speak Be tweeters
4 - RAAL tweeters

The crossover is external, and the speakers can be run in 3 or 4-way mode.

4-way setting:
Bass - 18Hz-180Hz
Mid - 180Hz-1500Hz
High - Be - 1500 Hz-12Khz
Extra HF RAAL - 12Khz-100Khz

3-way setting:
Bass - 18Hz-180Hz
Mid - 180Hz-1500/1800Hz
High - Be- 1500Hz-30Khz
High - RAAL - 1800Hz-100Khz

Weight - 98kg each
Size - WxHxD - 49x164x40cm

Release date - end of the year.

Price - very high

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