Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No-Frills-Audio Caveman 15

We at No-Frills-Audio (Sweden) would like to introduce a new speaker based on the tapered quarter wave tube pioneered by Paul Voight in the early 1930.
We've added new internal bracing to create an extremely stiff cabinet despite the considerable size which also becomes part of the pipe design with a 25% higher expansion ratio after the halfway fold.
The crossover is a bit unorthodox being a 1st order low pass and 2nd order high pass with almost one octave gap between turnover points. 
The crucial damping of the pipe is kept to an absolute minimum to avoid dynamic compression. The Caveman 15 is a TQWT with 15" coaxial Beyma 15XA38Nd. It covers 25-20.000Hz at 99dB efficiency, has outstanding dynamics and presents an agreeable load even to smaller amplifiers such as SE tube amps or small class A solid state types. 
Weight is 65kg and dimensions are 1170 x 470 x 460mm."