Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Neat Acoustics Ultimatum XLi

The XLi is a new ultimatum, in a variety of surfaces available as speakers, whose distinctive dimensions make it suitable for living room completely. 
The larger compared to the compact model XLS volume of the housing is playing a more substantial benefit as well as the fact that the crossover is now better protected against microphonics. 
The midrange in the isobaric XLi are arranged, provided that, correct positioning, a provide extremely clean bass. The combination of this design with the excellent-sounding Sonomex-treble unit is a key to the unique musical characteristics of the XLi. 
The lower part of the housing is designed so that it forms the main focus.Besides the stability, it is mainly the precision of low-frequency sound components, which also benefits. 
Even with the housing material itself, the developers have given some thought and put here by some acoustic experiments on birch wood. In conjunction with "musical" Electronics is paving the 7,000 € costly end Neat Acoustics XLi offers listeners a wonderful way to music.