Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finite Elemente Mirror 62


Invisible stereo with voluminous sound quality

Having launched successfully the innovative soundboard Hohrizontal 51, the German company finite elemente now introduces the sound mirror Mirror 62, thus setting new standards in the integration of sound. When you first experience Mirror 62, you can‘t actually tell where the music is coming from. So it‘s all the more surprising when you discover that there is a complete music system concealed behind the mirror. Excellent sound. Absolutely minimalist design.

The core of the Mirror 62 is based on the audio technology of the Hohrizontal 51 and is optimised for flat-surface wall mounting. The result is an amazingly powerful and voluminous sound. Emanating from a concealed source in the room. Music is supplied to the Mirror 62 from iPods®, iPhones® and other devices via Bluetooth. The perfect sound system for your home, even in portrait format. Whether living room, dressing room, bathroom or study. Available in three different sizes– in black, white or silver or even without frame.

Facts Mirror 62:

Wall mirror with stereo system integrated inside
Minimalist design, optimised for flat-surface wall mounting
Excellent, voluminous sound quality
Audio from iPods®, iPhones® and other devices via Bluetooth
Technical specifications identical with Hohrizontal 51
Output power: 4 x 25 W
3 different sizes (80 x 70 cm, 120 x 70 cm and 160 x 70 cm)
Available in black, white and silver or without frame