Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dynamikks db8.2

The Dynamikks db8.2 [from €4.990/pr] improves upon the db8 precursor with a new coaxial driver whilst the Transline rear-horn loading remains intact. The new dual-concentric transducer adds a tweeter horn. This also create diffraction slot loading for the mid/woofer which works up to 1.600Hz.

The driver motor which is shared between tweeter and mid/woofer now sports 10 small Neodymium magnets rather than one large one. This is said to improve driver control as well as the venting of the voice coil. 

The speaker's 8-ohm 93dB/W/m spec is friendly to low-power SETs. Designer Ulf Moning calls the design "a combination of monitor resolution with the effortless dynamics of our proven Transline Horns... The point source dispersion of the new coax creates breathtaking soundstaging completely disassociated from the boxes as apparent sound sources.