Monday, May 16, 2011

Thorhauge Intersection Preamplifier


Outstanding for the price, can compete with other preamps up to around $10000.

Tube preamp with MM phono input. Preamplifier is an evolution of Thorhauge preamp’en of 1987 (then called the ST.ONE). I have used the same passive riaatrin with ecc81/8162, but fine-tuned on some points. linietrinet receiving an update in 2007, has low output impedance and can be used with all types of power amplifiers, high voltage supply is passive, with large electrolyte capacity, and three chokes, the glow is a voltage regulator and subsequent RC component for extra filtration.
The volume control is from ALPS, and is remotely controlled. Amplifier inverts phase, which means that the speaker + and – swapped round, either at the power level, or on the speakers, this could be avoided with a spare tube, had been the correct phase, but the result had been too much gain, which requires strong feedback, which sonically is not good.