Friday, May 13, 2011

Quadral Aurum Titan VII Loudspeakers


The Quadral Aurum Titan VII are the technological pinnacle of long years of experience in loudspeaker design and engineering at Quadral's labs and the result is marvelous: these loudspeakers are some of the niftiest “boxes” you could dream of, whether you're thinking about their power, their looks or their sonic characteristics.

The Quadral Aurum Titan VII is a 3-way loudspeaker with a tower-pyramid combination shape for the cabinet. The bass principle combines the best of the two worlds: the professional PA sound reinforcement and the audiophile field. This is how it comes that the Quadral Aurum Titan VII sports an enormous 380mm (15.8-inch, that is) woofer placed deep inside the cabinet, creating a bass pressure chamber similar to those encountered in the professional public address installations for concerts.

Because the movement of the ALTIMA (aluminum-titanium-magnesium alloy) cone had to be as linear as possible, the room in the back of the membrane has gotten a bass reflex venting port, thus ensuring thorough and stable dynamics for the massive bass driver which can now resonate down to a wall-crumbling 16Hz.

The midrange is delivered by means of a 8.75-inch driver with the same ALTIMA technology cone for a percussive response for vocals and a very penetrating overall sound. The HF domain is covered for by a special ribbon tweeter, sporting very strong neodymium bar magnets and a wafer-thin, feather-light diaphragm able to go up to a mind-blowing 65,000Hz level.