Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kiseki Agate N.O.S.

The Kiseki Agate N.O.S. is the fourth "re-born" Kiseki cartridge in 2010-2011. The body (from the 80's) is machined out of solid agate stone, the motor is built from parts from the past and today. Perfect combination of best choices from then and from now result in a new Kiseki Agate which with a lot of ease surpasses the results of the very original Kiseki Agate from the 80's.
In the 80's the Kiseki Agate was available in two versions: The Kiseki Agate Ruby and Kiseki Agate Boron. Now in 2011 we have decided to only remake the Kiseki Agate Boron. The simple reason is that the ruby cantilever is much more fragile than the boron cantilever and with parts possibly becoming rare in the future, we want to run a minimum risk of having a Kiseki owner with a broken ruby cantilever that maybe (we repeat: maybe) cannot be replaced.