Friday, May 27, 2011

Horch Power Products - EMS and Line Silencer

EMS AC cable - one of the best power cable buys ever.

EMS is used in Horch demo system.
The sound of this system is just exceptional.

And the price of EMS - only €95/99 1,5/2m.
Length - 0,5m to 4m.

Power strip with 6 sockets - €160/165 - 1,5/2m cable.
Other versions with 3, 8 and 10 sockets available, and cable length 1m and 3m.


Plug the whole system to this box - up to 16A current.

High quality power conditioner with active voltage regulation for DC compensation. The HORCH LINE SILENCER effectively eliminating unwanted DC components contained in the power supply and caused by consumers such as coffee machines, refrigerators, PCs, etc.. This DC voltage components of a musical cause 'trouble' to humming transformers numerous negative effects. The LINE SILENCER measure the applied voltage and neutralizes them. This ensures that arise from the unit itself has no problems or adverse effects. The LINE Silencer is designed for high-quality music systems, which are very sensitive to the quality of its supply voltage.

| Color: black
| Dimensions (W x H x D): 175 x 75 x 200mm
| Weight: 2.5 kg

The LINE SILENCER can be connected to a wall outlet as the first component of the power supply of a plant. On the unit there is a 'outlet passage' including a phase indicator to which the connection of a power strip for electronics components is possible. The function of the Line Silencers is indicated by LEDs:

Yellow LED's: + DC / DC: indicates the polarity of the DC
Red LED: The Line-compensated active silencers
Green LED: The DC value is so low that no action is required (about ± 5 mV).