Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aronov Audio LA-200 Integrated Amp

Earlier this year, Aronov Audio reestablished and introduced the LA-200 ($4995), a 65Wpc tube integrated amp. 
It uses 6550C output tubes and a unique output transformer, which Yakov Aronov designed as an upgrade to his previous transformer.
Inputs are single-ended only, and the volume control is manual. As with previous Aronov models, the LA-200's chassis is made of welded 11-gauge steel that's painted a piano-black finish. 
However, instead of the glass faceplate used previously, the LA-200's faceplate is made of Plexiglas "for practical reasons."
Other Aronov Audio products are in the planning stages, including a 100Wpc stereo amp, 100W monoblocks, a 30Wpc integrated amp, a line-stage preamp, and a phono stage.