Wednesday, May 11, 2011

APL Reference DAC-M (Master)

The new DAC-M has the same topology as our NWO-M. It comes with AES/EBU, asynchronous USB and two Coaxial S/PDIF inputs.
Has 20 DACs per channel with AK4399 used in a very special mode that no one else knows about, resulting in significantly improved sonics. And yes, the DAC-M has transformer-coupled tube output stage featuring special custom Oxygen Free Copper Lundahl audio transformers, and pair of the vintage E182CC tubes. 
The unique remote controlled H-Attenuator with 0.5dB step is also intact negating the need of a preamplifier. All-aluminum IR remote is included. 

Just like the NWO-M, the DAC-M is an all-hand-made (including PCBoards population) and point-to-point wired boutique. The all-aluminum enclosure is made in Italy. Special, custom, oversized P-Core transformer is specifically hand-made for the DAC-M. Based on our tests, it outperforms any other type power transformer available.

DAC-M introductory price is $19,500. It includes 5 years warranty and free shipping anywhere in the world.