Saturday, April 9, 2011

Transmission Audio Megatrend MkII

Our full frequency open dipole reference-speaker system Megatrend MkII is now available in Black Glossy Grand Piano Finish as well.
From May 1:st we will  have the Megatrend MkII on permanent display in our showroom. Dealers and serious music lovers invited for a listening session. 

Megatrend represents a landmark in the history of audio. Even since the introduction of the first generation, this has been a true best-seller, appreciated for its unique musicality, high sensitivity and unsurpassed resolution and definition.

With an overall sensitivity of +100dB into a 6 Ohm load, it is an easy drive for any good quality amplifier from 15 Watts(!) and up. The open dipole configuration makes it totally transparent - the limitation will be the listening room itself.

If you want it loud, the Megatrends are able to produce up to 129dB at 4.800W music power. If you want it soft, you will find that playing at low levels gives you more detail than you have ever heard before. 

Maybe the former world renowned jazz musician Red Mitchell said it best, when he stated: "The best loudspeaker you have never heard - you only hear the music!"

Every individual sample of the Megatrend MkII has to go  through a series of control stations and tests that we believe are the toughest in the industry. The final test and evaluation takes place in our Music room and includes:

1. Inspection of overall finish.

2. Checkup of all soldering.

3. Each individual woofer is checked for performance using pink noise and low frequency sweep test.

4. The speakers are then matched in pairs and burned in for over 100 hours, using test signals as well as lots of music.

5. These tests are followed by vibration analysis of the dipole panel using amongst other things accelerometers, made in house.

6. Next step involves inspection and checkup off all ribbon units and in particular the ribbon membranes.

7. This in turn is followed by resistance and impedance tests, including Xmax verifying.

8. All magnets are individually re-measured with a high quality Gauss-meter.

9. The last step involves final polishing and careful packing. One pair comes in 4 separate shipping crates.