Monday, April 11, 2011

Townshend Audio Glastonbury universal player

The Glastonbury universal player [ca. £10.000] runs off a 6-volt internal SLA battery with eight precision voltage regulators fed from the battery to feed the clock, buffers and D/A converter. 

There is an analogue volt meter to indicate the state of charge. The player will run continuously for 30 hours on CD, 22 hours on 96/24 DVD/A or SACD and 17 hours with 192/24 DVD/A. 

Two Townshend FractalWire™ transformers with ultra-thin 80% nickel laminations couple the Burr Brown DSD179 DAC which handles PCM signals up to 192kHz as well as direct conversion of SACD. 

The output of the DAC connects to the output transformers via a simple 1st-order low pass which utilises the transformer’s reactive component as part of the filter. 

The secondary windings of the transformers connect directly to the audio output connectors for fully balanced operation via XLRs or pseudo balanced via RCA.